Friday, January 19, 2007

The war for your search bar

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If you are anything like me, you probably have Google toolbar installed in your primary browser. It does many things, but foremost, it allows you to search Google without going to
But there is a search bar built right within your browser. It sits right next to the address bar.

Now you might think that no one would care about such a puny, tiny- winy search bar. And sir, can you be more wrong?

It all started when I wanted to install picasa, this is what I get in the last step of installation.

Now picasa is an image management software. Why should it try to reset my search preferences? Oh and by the way, the default option is to switch the default search engine, not to
retain your preferences.

Bad, bad Google. Stealing my search bar! Yahoo would not do anything like that. Let's install Yahoo search bar.

Aw! Not so fast yahoo baby. Cap'n Google won't let you change the default option.

Well then lets try MSN toolbar.

So does opening Gmail change search preferences too? Look like it does not. Thank god for small mercies.

Lets see what happpens if I manually change the search settings.

Do they do this with firefox too?

Looks like they do.

When you install a toolbar aren't you already reserving a part of your screen real estate to that search engine. And then shouldn't the toolbar offer to leave your search bar, instead of trying to capture it?

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